Zeke – Zeke You

By the time you’ve finished reading this sentence, Zeke, the rapid-fire rockers of the Northwest, would already be halfway through the first verse and well on their way to the chorus. Read it twice, and the band would most likely already be sprinting to the finish line. From the same guys who brought you Dirty Sanchez (which blasted 16 songs in 21 minutes) comes Zeke You, the 41 minute DVD.

Zeke You is a collection of footage shot using hand held camcorders during the band’s “final” tour. I say final in quotes because the band is back together and touring again. Semantics aside, Zeke You contains a mixture of live performances and goofy tour footage, compiled by Zeke/Camarosmith drummer Donny Paycheck.

Zeke You is intended for Zeke fans. There’s no introduction of band members, biography, or any other information about the band included on the DVD. I didn’t figure out who was who until almost halfway through the disc. Press play, and you are dumped directly into the world of Zeke. Get ready.

The press kit, DVD case, and movie credits all contain the same warning: “This is not a made for film DVD. Its a documentary of a rock band on tour. This was made on a mini and hi-8 digital cameras [sic]. The sound has not been altered. It’s live.” For you and me, that means bootleg-quality video and sound. Again, Zeke fans probably won’t care about the quality. The cut scenes look okay, but the live performances sound like ass. If you’re not familiar with the material presented here, don’t expect to make out any lyrics.

The biggest disappointment with Zeke You is that it doesn’t capture the musical genius of Zeke. Like Motorhead on speed, Zeke blasts out tunes packed with intensity and ferocity. The talented musicianship of the band is lost in the tinny mush presented on this disc.

That being said, the DVD does contain a lot of footage you’ll never see anywhere else. The main portion of the DVD contains about 40 minutes of material, split fairly evenly between personal moments with the band and live performances. Off the main menu there are also a couple of extra DIY music videos.

Here’s my split recommendation. It goes without saying, Zeke fans should pick up Zeke You. But to those of you not familiar with the band, I would recommend picking up one of the band’s studio albums instead. Give one of their albums a spin (or catch them live), and you’ll be coming back for the DVD soon enough.

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