Within Y – Extended Metal Dimentions

Have you ever heard a song for the first time on the radio from a band you recognized? How did you know what band it was? Vocals are always a give away, but many musicians have their own signature sound as well. I didn’t need a trivia book to know that Eddie Van Halen played the solo on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” or that Dimebag Darrell played on Anthrax’s The Threat is Real album. Those guitarists have a unique sound and style all their own.

I think that might be part of the reason why it’s so hard for me to get into so much of the death metal that’s out there. So much of it sounds similar. It’s like there’s some huge death metal album out there that has 10,000 songs and is still growing.

Within Y’s Extended Metal Dimensions is technically perfect. It’s textbook death metal. It’s what death metal fans want to hear. And it sound exactly like At the Gates and In Flames to me. If you’re looking for music that sounds like At the Gates or In Flames, then read no futher.

Don’t fear, if you weren’t looking for music that sounds like At the Gates or In Flames, there’s not much more to read either. Within Y are some heavy, brutal mofo’s. If you’re into melodic death metal, this is your bag. The production and musicianship on Extended Metal Dimensions is as tight as anywhere else. The songs change up enough to keep the listener interested, but the path never veers far from “destroy.”

Recommended for melodic death metal fans everywhere.

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