W.A.S.P. – Unholy Terror

Sherman, set the way back machine for the late 80’s – we’re goin’ back.

Back to a time when “singing” ruled the land. Back to a time where black leather, hair spray, and eye liner wasn’t just for chicks. Back to a time when flannel is what you would put on BEFORE a concert, not during.

Blackie Lawless, Chris Holmes, and the rest of the gang are back with a new W.A.S.P. album, 20 years after their debut album was released.

For those who aren’t up on their 80’s metal history, lead singer Blackie Lawless was best known for his flamethrowing codpiece, having tons of blood and guts on stage every night, and copying (yet pushing the limits) on just about everything Alice Cooper ever did. Chris Holmes, lead guitarist of the clan, is known for almost drinking himself to death (cool in Rock and Roll land), but losing Lita Ford due to his alcoholism (not cool in anyone’s book).

I had a lot of initial reservations about this disc. Usually, fire on the cover of an album is a bad sign. Bullet holes, burn holes, or whatever you want to call them (photoshop effects) are also a bad sign. Combine that with the old font from Headbanger’s Ball and a band that I haven’t thought about in over a decade, and I was pretty scared of this disc.

Once I got the CD in my player, I was plesantly surprised. This is straight up rock and roll, and I like it.

Most of the songs on Unholy Terror revolve around social, political, and religious topics. The front of the CD booklet contains a two page letter explaining Blackie’s religious stance. The middle of the booklet contains the lyrics, with little side comments and notations, so that you, the dumb listener, won’t miss a single one of his obscure references. The last two pages wrap up the booklet with a catalog, offering everything from W.A.S.P. hats, to shirts, to jerseys, to autographed guitars and gold records. Daddy need some money.

The musical style is comparible to any 80’s Alice Cooper, LA Guns, Whitesnake, or yes, W.A.S.P. If you like old school rock and roll, you’ll certainly dig this CD. Holmes hasn’t lost a step when it comes to lead guitar, and the rest of the band does a great job of backing them up.

While W.A.S.P. has matured over the years, with songs like “Euphoria” and “Ravenheart” replacing more shocking ditties like the classic “Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)”, the fuel and the fire are still there. While Unholy Terror may not be remembered for generations to come, you could certainly do worse when it comes to good old fashioned rock. No guest appearances, no rapping, no growling, and no samples. An enjoyable rock album from a classic band.

01. Let It Roar
02. Hate To Love Me
03. Loco Motive Man
04. UnHoly Terror
05. Charisma
06. Who Slayed Baby Jane
07. Euphoria
08. Raven Heart
09. Evermore
10. Wasted White Boys

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