Various Artists – Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be (AC/DC Tribute)

When I opened this album, my first thought was, “please don’t let this be yet another tribute disc consisting of unknown death metal and industrial bands doing bad covers.” Fortunately, the CD turned out to contain a pretty even split between known and unknown bands, with a noticable lacking in the “bad death metal and industrial covers” department.

Some of the covers like Electric Frankenstein’s “High Voltage”, Fukemos’ “Thunderstuck” and Honky’s “Dirty Deeds” stick true to AC/DC’s originals, while others like Upper Crust’s “Back in Black”, Dwarves’ “Big Balls” and Ironboss’ “Whole Lotta Rosie” pump some originality into these classic songs. Regardless of the takes on the songs, all the bands seem to encompass that whole “AC/DC rock and roll” attitude, which is what this disc is really about.

I’ve sat here for an hour, listing to this disc and trying to think of something more to say. Check out the track listing. If you like what you see, pick it up — it’s definitely $10 well spent. Other than that, I can’t really think of anything else of say. Chalk this up as my shortest review ever.

No applause, please.

01. Chapstik – Beating Around The Bush
02. Upper Crust – Back In Black
03. Electric Frankenstein – High Voltage
04. REO Speedealer – Rocker
05. Ironboss – Whole Lotta Rosie
06. Zeke – Downpayment Blues
07. Dwarves – Big Balls
08. Chrome Cranks – Dog Eat Dog
09. Honky – Dirty Deeds
10. Supersuckers – Rock and Roll Singer
11. Lollipop – Girl’s Got Rhythm
12. Voltage – Riff Raff
13. Fuckemos – Thunderstruck

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