Ultimate Puzzle Games (GBA)

Ultimate Puzzle Games
Gameboy Advance

Ultimate Puzzle Games is the perfect solution for word puzzle aficionados who can’t afford a pencil. And with over a thousand different puzzles included for gamers to solve, this game may be cheaper than buying all those pencils anyway.

Packaged in the compilation are a dozen types of word games including crossword puzzles, word searches, and several other close variants thereof. Most of the puzzle categories include over a hundred unique puzzles, bringing the actual number of included puzzles to 1,001. Three of the included categories are for “mini” puzzles that are smaller in design, perfect for younger gamers (or adults on a bathroom break). The larger puzzles typically expand beyond the screen’s boundaries. In each game, clues are given and answers are entered via a virtual keyboard. The game’s input system is simple and intuitive – the on-screen keyboard is quick and easy to navigate and input words with.

The puzzles include several handy features including the ability to save your place at any given time in one of the game’s two save slots, toggle the sound effects and music on and off, and, for the time impaired or the just plain stumped, display each puzzle’s solution. The menu system also includes a quick tutorial to explain the rules of each game. A nice inclusion is the ability to track which puzzles have already been completed.

The variety and sheer number of puzzles included should keep gamers coming back for a long time. Ultimate Puzzle Games is not only fun to play, but also a lot more entertaining than a box of pencils.

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