Therapy? – High Anxiety

High Anxiety is Therapy?’s tenth album in just over as many years. 1994’s album “Troublegum” was a instant classic, mixing small elements of pop, punk, thrash and metal with big parts of rock. Ever since then, fans have been waiting for the band to repeat the magic. This time around, it sounds like they may have finally done it.

Therapy? kicks off the disc with “Hey Satan — You Rock”. “Wanna spend my whole life drunk/never wanna give a fuck/Wanna walk through gates of heaven/backstage pass in hand.” Amen, brother. While not the best track on the disc, “Hey Satan — You Rock” sets the tone for the rest of the album. Rockin’ songs that don’t beat around the bush.

The album continues on in heavy rock format, almost a’la Entombed. Every track on the disc could easily be a single. There’s no ballads and no sleepers. Every track changes the formula up a bit, something Therapy? has been doing their entire careers. There’s funk, there’s punk, there’s even metal junk. If it seems like I’m trying to avoid labelling this band, I am.

High Anxiety is a true return of the band. Nine years after Troublegum, the boys in Therapy? have returned to form and released one of the biggest surprises of the year.

01. Hey Satan – You Rock
02. Who Knows
03. Stand In Line
04. Nobody Here But Us
05. Watch You Go
06. If It Kills Me
07. Never Ending
08. My Voodoo Doll
09. Limbo
10. Last Blast
11. Rust
12. Drug Run

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