The Man Show: Season I Part II (2003)

Grab a beer and drop your pants, send your wife and kids to France.
It’s the Man Show!
Quit your job and light a fart, yank your favorite private part.
It’s the Man Show!
Its a place where men can come together.
Look at the cans on this chick named Heather.
Juggy girls on trampolines, time to loosen those blue jeans.
It’s the … Man Show!

Ah yes, the Man Show. In 1999, the show that brought “Chicks on Trampolines” to primetime cable appeared on Comedy Central. Now in its fifth season, the show is still on the air despite the loss of both original hosts (Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla) and the original Ziggy-Socky man (the late Bill Foster). For those of you (like myself) who think that the first season was the best, this box set is for you.

The Man Show: Season One Part Two picks up where “The Man Show: Season One Part One” left off. Yes, they managed to squeeze SIX DVDs worth of material out of the first season. Part II contains the last twelve episodes of the season, plus several extras (moved to the third disc). I believe the second half of the first season is when the show really fell into stride, and this box set proves it.

If somewhere in the universe there is a huge scale of literary value, I’m sure Shakespeare is on one end and The Man Show is on the other. Those not looking for fart jokes, beer drinking, and lots and lots of hot ladies should steer as far as possible from this box set. Between all the crude humor are lots of scantily clad women, who are always either offering household tips, mingling with the audience, or jumping on trampolines. Probably not what Women’s Lib was fighting for all those years, but it’s all in good fun.

When you’re done watching the episodes you’ll want to pop in the extras disc, which has comments from Charlton Hestons Penis, an Oprah Jimfrey special, a Karl Malone section, and even more girls jumping on trampolines. If you like the show, you’ll like this stuff too.

Overall, The Man Show: Season One Part Two is a great value. I can’t say I’m thrilled that they broke the season up into two different box sets, but after watching them it’s almost like two different seasons. The first twelve episodes have the guys still wading in, seeing what works and what doesn’t, but Season One Part Two is the guys at their best. Fans of good beer, bad jokes, and chicks on trampolines should be sure to ask Santa for this one.

Episode Guide:
Mysteries of Women
Thanks Man Show
The Woman Show
Practical Jokes
Holiday Show
New Year’s Resolution Show
Compilation 2
Super Bowl Show

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