Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Soundtrack

As far as I can tell, the official Texas Chainsaw Massacre Soundtrack has very little in common with the recently released movie of the same name. I don’t remember any of these songs from the film itself, and unlike many soundtracks, there are no samples from the movie on the CD. Other than the title and the cover photo, this CD is basically unrelated to the film.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I can now officially recommend this CD guilt-free.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Soundtrack, which might as well have been called “Random Songs by Heavy Bands,” is a nice “sampler disc” featuring some of the harder popular bands of today.

I’ve never been against reviewing “popular music”. My personal theory is that you can lure people in with reviews of mainstream tunes, and then slip some under the radar bands their way on their way out. This CD does the exact same thing; sure, mallrats will come running when they hear band names like Mushroomhead and Static-X are on the disc, but a few tracks later Meshuggah and Morbid Angel are waiting in the midst to abuse their precious ears.

As far as soundtracks go, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Soundtrack gives you a decent bang for your buck. With eighteen different bands performing eighteen different tracks (several of them previously unreleased or remixed), it’s definitely worth owning. The album’s roster of bands speaks for itself — a quick scan of the track listing will tell you if this CD is for you.

If you’re a fan of some of the bands on this CD and aren’t familiar with the others, drop the ten bucks and pick this up. Those post office employees got it all wrong. Crank this CD up, show up to work with a chainsaw, and show those other losers just who’s in charge.

01. Pantera – Immortally Insane (New Remix Not Available In US)
02. Hatebreed Below The Bottom
03. Soil – Pride (New Track)
04. Static-X – Deliver Me (New Track to Be Used As a Future B-Side)
05. Mushroomhead – 43
06. Seether – Pig
07. Nothingface – Down In Flames (Previously Unavailable)
08. 40 Below Summer – Self Medicate
09. Motograter – Suffocate
10. Shadows Fall – Destroyer Of Senses
11. Meshuggah – Rational Gaze
12. Fear Factory – Archetype (Remixed For This Record)
13. Morbid Angel – Enshrined By Grace
14. Index Case – Listen
15. Finger Eleven – Stay In Shadow
16. Lamb Of God – Ruin
17. Sworn Enemy – As Real As It Gets
18. Core-Tez – 5 Months

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