Stone Temple Pilots – Thank You

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Parents have begun their Christmas shopping, children have begun dreaming of toy trains and candy canes, and beautiful Christmas music has begun to fill the air.

Ok, who am I kidding. Parents shop on eBay and Amazon these days. Kids could care less about toy trains; their e-mails to Santa ask for things like “bling-bling” and “mo’ toys, fer shizzle”, and the Christmas music we all grew up with has been replaced by an onslaught of greatest hits albums just in time for the holiday season — the latest of which is Stone Temple Pilot’s Thank You.

As is the current rage, Thank You is available either as a stand alone fifteen track audio CD, or packaged with a bonus DVD.

And, as is the current rage, the audio CD pretty much is what it is. The fifteen tracks cover most of Stone Temple Pilot’s singles over the years, starting with “Sex Type Thing” and ending with the recently released “All In The Suit That You Wear”, with the acoustic version of “Plush” from Headbanger’s Ball tacked on to the end. Unlike most of the other greatest hits packages hitting shelves, the songs are not presented chronologically.

Fans of Stone Temple Pilots will be much more impressed with the DVD than with the CD. With over three hours of footage, the DVD is the real “thank you” to their fans. With over 30 tracks of videos, live performances, and bootleg material, this is THE quintessential video collection of STP video material.

If nothing else, Thank You reminded me just how good Stone Temple Pilots actually were, and for that, I thank them as well. The CD is a sugar-coated treat containing most of their hits, but the real treasure here is the comprehensive DVD. Pick it up now before the rush hits when Scott Weiland finally overdoses.


01. Vasoline
02. Down
03. Wicked Garden
04. Big Empty
05. Plush
06. Big Bang Baby
07. Creep
08. Lady Picture Show
09. Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart
10. Interstate Love Song
11. All In The Suit That You Wear
12. Sex Type Thing
13. Days Of The Week
14. Sour Girl
15. Plush (Acoustic)

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