Sinergy – Suicide by my Side

Sinergy’s third album, Suicide By My Side, is the kind of progressive/power metal I like — balls out, 100 mph, straight forward metal with no slowing down and no ballads in sight. It reminds me of Dream Theater without the long piano parts, or a more aggressive version of Hammerfall.

“I Spit On Your Grave” sets the pace for the entire album. With over a million kick drums in the first three minutes (yes, I counted them, there’s over one million in there) and at least that many different guitar notes, there’s no doubting these guys are masters of their craft. Kimberly Goss (ex-Dimmu Borgir) shows off her pipes as well, hitting harmonies and belting out notes to make any 80s metal gods jealous. Speaking of harmonies, Laiho and Latvala pull off plenty of their own guitar harmonies as well, starting in “The Sin Trade” and working their way throughout the album.

Sinergy has certainly matured on their third album. Tracks like “Passage To The Fourth World” and “Me, Myself, My Enemy” truly show the band’s talent. Haters of smart rock, progressive rock, or power metal need not apply. Those who truly appreciate instrument mastery and complex rhythms, patterns, and harmonies will most appreciate Suicide By My Side. With haunting cover artwork and ten complex songs, consumers will definitely get their money’s worth here. And, for those not convinced, samples of five of the ten songs are available in MP3 format from the band’s website.

Sinergy is currently on the road opening for King Diamond, touring in South Korea, Istanbul and Russia, with US dates planned soon.

01. I Spit On Your Grave
02. The Sin Trade
03. Violated
04. Me, Myself, My Enemy
05. Written In Stone
06. Nowhere For No One
07. Passage To The Fourth World
08. Shadow Island
09. Suicide By My Side
10. Remembrance

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