Sceptic – Unbeliever’s Script

How many Polocks does it take to rock your ass? FOUR, if you’re talking about Sceptic!

I can’t decide if I should describe Sceptic as a death/black metal band playing power metal, or as a power metal band with a death/black metal sound. No matter how you slice it, Sceptic’s third album Unbeliever’s Script combines portions of death metal, black metal, and power metal and delivers interesting results.

Sceptic’s vocals are decidedly black metal as are the guitars’ tones; yet more melodic than heavy, the solos and song structures that contain them seem more progressive in style than anything else. It’s all done well, but be prepared to give the disc more than a couple of spins to really get into the music. Think of them as “the black metal version of Dream Theater.”

If you like your metal complicated, Sceptic is for you. Jacek Hiro is the type of guitarist who will either inspire you to practice on your six-string even harder, or give up playing guitar completely. Hiro manages to keep it heavy while still delivering tons of melody and solos throughout the disc. Everything on the disc is good; the guitars are great.

On Unbeliever’s Script tries to be a lot of things at once and, for the most part, does a pretty good job of pulling it off. This album should help the band shed their image of being a “Death rip-off” band. Recommended for fans of technical and melodic death metal everywhere.

01. Unbeliever’s Script
02. Illussion Possessor
03. Controlled By Mind
04. Soul Controllers
05. Shapeless Entity
06. Knowledge Gatherer
07. Voices From The Past
08. Spiritually Tormented
09. Waves Of Destruction

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