Pyrexia – Cruelty Beyond Submission

Back from the dead is Pyrexia. Recently reformed by guitarist Chris Basile featuring an all new lineup, Pyrexia has returned to the death metal scene with Cruelty Beyond Submission, a tasty sampler of things to come for the band.

Including ex-members of Catastrophic, Obituary, Insatanity and Malevolent Creation, Pyrexia’s latest release delivers a skull full of hardcore death metal — that is, if you consider three new tracks a skull full; only three of the tracks on Cruelty Beyond Submission are new. The other eight tracks come from previous Pyrexia albums (System of the Animal, Hatred Anger and Disgust, and Sermon of Mockery). The band has not changed their sound significantly over the years, and the songs flow well between eras.

Pyrexia is working on a new full-length album due this summer, but until then,Cruelty Beyond Submission serves as both a disc to tide fans over until the new album arrives, as well as a greatest hits package and great introduction to the band’s work. Older fans of the band won’t be thrilled about paying full-CD prices for three new songs, but general fans of death metal bands like Suffociation (who make a guest appearance on the disc) should enjoy the brutal attack of Pyrexia.

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