Opiate for the Masses – Goodbye

I can’t imagine Opiate for the Masses not being everywhere in the near future. The band’s latest EP, Goodbye, contains a perfect mixture of brooding lyrics, loud guitars and industrial flavor.

“The Carried”, the first track on Goodbye, reminded me of Linkin Park — more in presentation and design than sound. It’s a pop song dressed up like a rock song, the first of many on the disc. As the disc moves on, the songs begin to take on a heavier, industrial sound, without ever losing their pop flare. Of the five tracks on the EP, I can easily see at least three of them (“Running From Yourself”, “Heaven”, and the title track) becoming hit singles.

Goodbye contains huge mass market appeal. After further listening, I’d have to group Opiate for the Masses with bands like Filter and Stabbing Westward, with maybe a little Orgy thrown in for good measure. Several of the songs contain programming and keyboards, but they never dominate the otherwise rock-oriented songs.

What sets Opiate for the Masses apart from other bands of this genre is Ron Underwood’s vocals. Whether singing or screaming, Underwood’s performance remains tight and controlled. And like Underwood’s performance, the band rocks withouth ever getting too out of control. Even at its heaviest, I found myself tapping my foot and singing along to lyrics like, “I can’t get to Heaven, cuz’ Heaven’s a place that don’t want me/I can’t get to Heaven, cuz’ Heaven’s a place that I don’t wanna be.”

Opiate for the Masses is currently recording a full-length album, and if it sounds anything like Goodbye, they had better be prepared for the ride.

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