Nonpoint – Statement

I tried. I really did. I’ve had this album sitting around for two months now, and I’ve tried like Hell to come up with an interesting, new spin that I could put on this review. But I can’t. There’s nothing. There’s nothing new about Nonpoint. And the worst part is, if you have a new band that isn’t groundbreaking, don’t tempt reviewers by naming your band something really close to “no point.” I was tempted to ask readers if maybe I missed what the “Statement” was. All a bunch of cliche’s, floating in nu-metal soup.

And that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the album – I do. It’s just not great. I liked it, I just didn’t love it. There’s nothing on the CD that makes me want to listen to it over and over. Or even a second time, at the moment.

Nonpoint borrows a little from all the big nu-metal bands out right now, and a lot from Downset and Deftones. When asked how they plan on separating themselves from all the other nu-metal bands currently out there, Nonpoint responded that they are introducing “the singing quality of music and melody back into this rock genre.” In other words, along with rapping and yelling, there’s also SINGING (like Sevendust). Revolutionary.

The majority of the album isn’t bad. There’s an awful lot of angry songs about relationships. In fact, the singer dedicates the album to “all my lost loves… thanks for the lyrics you fucking sluts, when will I learn?” Grrrr, I’m an angry singer. I won’t even type in one of the other dedications, where a band member goes off and talks about how he wishes his dad would kill himself, to spare him the trouble of doing it. Grrrr, I’m angry.

If you like Staind and Static-X and the Deftones and Sevendust and Downset and wouldn’t mind hearing another band that sounds just like these (aha, but with SINGING, I forgot!) then by all means, pick this up. It sounds like I’m being ultra-hard on Nonpoint, and I’m not trying to be. Let’s just say I doubt seriously if we’ll see a lot of kids running around with Nonpoint tattoo’s anytime soon.

The Statement this album makes is, “we can run with the rest of the nu-metal dogs.” Now let’s see if they can break free from the pack.

01. Mindtrip
02. Victim
03. Endure
04. Back Up
05. What A Day
06. Misled
07. Double Stakked
08. Orgullo
09. Years
10. Hive
11. Levels
12. Tribute

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