Mourn Makes Movement – 3 Song Demo

My dick is so hard after listening to this demo.

Heavy, heavy, heavy. That’s one “heavy” for each song on Mourn Makes Movement’s three song demo. But what does “heavy” mean anymore? Here, it means devestating bass, non-compromising riffs, dual and dueling guitar work, and an unrelenting verbal attack … basically presenting the listener with a constantly changing musical assault, like a boxer coming at you from ten different angles at once — although judging by the sound of this disc, these guys are more likely to creep up on you from behind …

Hailing from the Northeast, Mourn Makes Movement rose out of the ashes of 8 Trak Mind. All three members of 8 Trak Mind plus two new recruits make up MMM, and in reality, that’s not a bad way to describe this band. Where 8 Trak Mind was heavy, these guys are heavier. Everything is more — the guitar work is thicker, the drumming is more complex, the vocals are better … the guys have improved their overall sound in every category.

It’s hard to drop quick descriptions of each song, as the riffs and movements change so quickly. “Failed Goal” starts calmly but builds quickly to an aggressive Chimaira/Killswitch Engage type attack. “Hypocrite”, the middle track of the disc, has such mood swings and changes all I kept thinking was, “this is what Neurosis would sound like if they wrote 3 minute songs”. From singing to slamming to brutal drumming, this track thrashes you in its jaws and leaves you for dead. “Counting Tears” lulls you into a false sense of security shortly before kicking you in the nuts with a death metal-esque barrage. After a quick decline, the track slowly rebuilds, teasing you with stability and then repeatedly poking you in the eye. My wife made the comment that MMM sounds like a “radio friendly Meshuggah” … it’s an extreme comparison, but not entirely unfounded.

Mourn Makes Movement’s promo pack consists of blacks, whites and grays (as is the majority of their website), which is somehow befitting of the band and its message on life and death. In an industry where commercials, videos, managers and awards often speak for musicians, these guys are letting the music speak for itself.

It speak loudly it does. I can’t wait for a full length from these guys.

01. Failed Goal
02. Hypocrite
03. Counting Tears

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