Mindstyme – In the Scheme of Things

While converting my enormous CD collection into MP3s, I ran across Mindstymes four-song demo release. I hadnt intended to review the disc, but a Google search of the bands name didnt turn up a single hit which is odd, considering the bands guitarist used to work in our IT department. Not wanting the band to completely disappear from the face of the earth, I now present you with (apparently the first) review of Mindstyme’s In the Scheme of Things.

With only four tracks, theres not much ground to cover here. All four songs fall under the 90s-style rock umbrella. Guitars have the low end almost entirely removed from the mix, allowing the funky bass to shine through. The drums are clear and strong. The vocals are somewhat lower in the mix than one would expect, and are light on both layering and effects. At their best, the band is reminiscent of Collective Soul, although more often than not, the band is reminiscent of every club band whose names and faces I cannot remember.

The demos highlight is Get Some, with its singable chorus and catchy riff something most of the other songs are missing. The discs last track, Silent Desperation, comes in second place with its interesting (but not particularly palatable) riff. All the songs contain reverb-heavy guitar solos, if thats your thing.

I had the opportunity to see Mindstyme live once, and they werent all that bad. The bands demo CD captures the band’s songs, but not their spirit. If nothing else, let this review stand as a tribute to that the spirit of every club band who at least took a chance.

01. The Other Foot
02. Get Some
03. Fool’s Game
04. Silent Desperation

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