Mindgrinder – MindTech

Let me start here — MindGrinder’s debut album MindTech is freakin’ heavy. Mixing bits of death metal with black metal and techno-metal, MindGrinder have produced one wicked release.

Due to the mechanical drumming style and layers of keyboards, I imagine most reviewers will just write “it sounds like Fear Factory” and move on. But where Fear Factory is (or was) simply heavy metal built on top of robotic kick drum lines, MindGrinder is much closer to true death metal in that respect. Some tracks are more melodic than others, but every one provides plenty of sensory-overloads. I would recommend this to a fan of death metal much quicker than I would a kid in a Fear Factory shirt.

On “Human Error”, the band slows everything down a notch, turning down the tempo momentarily to let the heaviness sink in. “Deception” is more of an anthem-type song, with big, yellable one-word choruses. On “Surviving Gadzooks”, just when things begin to slow down a ferocious blast beat appears and tears the song wide open. All ten tracks contain discernable riffs and musical movements which show development. Kick drums stop, start, speed up, slow down, and do all kinds of crazy things. The guitars are split between one string riffing and power chord attacks. Plenty of bass holds up the bottom end and keeps it from sounding like black metal. MindGrinder isn’t the same old thing you’ve heard a million times before.

And that’s one of the best things about MindTech, actually. It doesn’t sound like anyone else. In an ever growing musical scene, it’s nice to hear something original once in a while. I truly liked this album. Fans of groovy death metal and relentless kick drum attacks will not be disappointed.

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