When travelling to a new city, one of the first things I do upon arriving in town is pick up the free local entertainment rags; not the town’s newspaper, but those free ‘zines you find lying around in coffee shops and record stores. These are the true guides to a town’s culture. Independently-owned restaurants, clubs and bands tend to be featured (and advertise) in these more than your big chains. And as we continue to migrate every aspect of our lives and entertainment online, so too have these guides to local culture. One such site is

LA2DAY bills itself as a guide to “LA lifestyle, culture and perspectives,” and that it is. With categories ranging from nightlife and fashion to dining and toys, LA2DAY mixes local flavor with national topics. The website is filled with interesting articles sorted by categories, making reading, skimming, and locating interesting articles simple.

For anyone living in or simply visiting the LA area, three sections may prove to be useful. The first is the nightlife category, which mixes humorous articles (The Seven Reasons You’re Going Home Alone) to reviews of local hotspots. The second helpful section would be the dining section, which contains dozens of reviews of local eateries. The third spot locals and visitors alike will get some use out of is the calendar, which is filled with enough concerts and events to keep you busy for weeks on end.

The rest of the site is filled with interesting and insightful articles filed under categories such as music, movies, health and beauty and even toys. The site’s articles are more than simple reviews; the reviews that are posted are in depth, and the feature articles show true journalistic merit.

Even if you’ve never been or LA (and never plan on going), check out for a west coast spin on entertainment and more.

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