Floater – Burning Sosobra

It was the fall of 1996. I was sitting in a smoky bar up in Washington state late one night when a band named Floater took the stage. What followed was 60 minutes of full-on pure ass kicking rock and roll. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember who they were opening for. The minute the show was over, I kicked back, smiled to myself, and said, “these guys are gonna be HUGE.”

Well, it’s been over five years, and I’m still waiting for them to be huge. To tell you the truth, I don’t know why Floater isn’t bigger than they are today -it’s certainly not due to a lack of originality, balls, or ability to crank out catchy tunes. Despite a record deal with Elemental and almost constant touring in the Northwest, Floater just hasn’t broken through yet. Until they do, I’ll be singing their praises to the masses.

Referred to as the “art-rock” trio of the Northwest, Floater have been putting out albums since 1994. Their music is creative, quirky, progressive, and, of course, heavy. Floater’s songs are riff heavy, combining heavy power chords, unusually soothing bridges and several vocal styles. While the band’s songwriting style could probably be compared to Tool or Primus, the band’s sound is probably closer to a sometimes funkier, sometimes mellower version of Clutch. Confused yet?

On Burning Sobobra, Floater continues their patented complex song writing approach. Each song has so many riffs, parts, harmonies and accompaniments that it must’ve taken weeks to write each song! The lyrics are great as well. This is one band where it seems like the music and lyrics are each 50% of a song – they’re equally important in each compilation.

“King Rabbit” comes away as one of my favorites of the album. Floater’s cover of The Doors’ “Waiting for the Sun” definitely adds a heavy turn to an old classic. “Alcoholic” has an almost Primus feel to it, before it turns really heavy at the end. A couple of the songs, (“Colorblind” and “Equinox”), show the band’s softer side, but they fit the mood of the album and are still interesting cuts.

Floater has recently begun playing more acoustic shows. In fact, “acoustic” Floater has recently been opening for “electric” Floater. This band is a lot of things, but I think the most important thing they are is “interesting.” If you’re tired of the same ol’ drivel, take a chance. Glyph is my personal favorite Floater album, but Burning Sosobra is my second. Both come highly recommended by the Flackster. If I were a millionaire, I’d buy everyone a happy meal, and put a Floater album in each one. So rock on that.

“I pull the trigger.
God is dead.
Now live in fear of
my soul instead.” – King Rabbit

01. Here Comes The Dog
02. Watched Over By Crows
03. I Know
04. Queen of the Goats
05. Exiled
06. Independence Day
07. King Rabbit
08. Milk of Heaven
09. Albatross
10. The Marriage of the Black Sheep
11. Colorblind
12. Waiting for the Sun
13. Alcoholic
14. Equinox

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