Eight Days Gone – Silence to the Naysayers

My pal Gloomchen once used the term “Puddle of Nicklecreed” to describe the wave of safe-rock bands taking over radio airwaves everywhere. While Creed may no longer be with us, Eight Days Gone is poised to fill their shoes with the realse of their latest album, Silence to the Naysayers.

Through songs like “Today I Dreamed”, “Sell the Sky” and “Radio Love Song”, Eight Days Gone present textbook family-friendly rock tunes. Similar to Creed, the majority of the album is vocal-oriented. Neill Steinke’s voice is a perfect fit to the band, which performs quite competently as well on the disc. Those familiar with bands like Puddle of Mudd, Nickleback, Third Eye Blind and Creed will welcome Eight Days Gone to the club with “Arms Wide Open”, so to speak. Eight Days Gone manages to rock just enough distorted guitars and solos to get their CD filed under “rock”.

Overall I found Silence to the Naysayers to be unexciting, which is the nicest synonym I could find in the thesaurus for “boring”. These guys certainly have what it takes to chart with any one of the singles on the album. If you’re looking for a CD to listen to during work that’s guaranteed to offend no one, Eight Days Gone are your guys.

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