Dracula 2000 (Soundtrack)

Vampires have come a long way.

Somewhere around the time of the Lost Boys, it became cool to be a vampire. Think about it, the benifits sound great – you get to live forever, you get to fly, you get to wear great clothes, and you get to sleep all day and party all night! As an added bonus, you get to eat/maim/kill people you don’t like. What a bargain! The only real negative is that there are people roaming the coutryside who are dedicated to sticking wood through your chest, but hey, every job’s got a down side.

The other thing that the Lost Boys gave Vampires was cool soundtracks. No longer are the undead cursed to roam the Earth to creepy pipe organ music – they got to fly around to killer compilation soundtracks.

Wes Craven’s Dracula 2000 fiends are no different. Sure, they have a lot of blood sucking to do, but they might as well get to do it in front of a backdrop of some killer metal tunes. Let’s face it, creatures of the night don’t do their dirty work to R&B, folks.

Powerman (Zombie) 5000 opens the album with the first single, “Ultra Mega”. I’m not sure if I’ve heard this exact song before, or if it just sounds like all the other PM5K songs, but it rocks in a generic sort of way. The sountrack moves it’s way through some older metal acts (Slayer, Pantera, Monster Magnet) straight to the nu-metal scene (Linkin Park, Static-X, Taproot), and still leaves plenty of room for surprises (Godhead feat/Marilyn Manson, Endo, Disturbed, and of course System of a Down).

To be honest, I haven’t seen this movie. I probably won’t see it until it hits the cable movie channels, or if I hear great things about it, I’ll rent it on DVD in a few months. That being said, I’m not disappointed with the soundtrack at all. Plenty ot rockin’ songs from plenty of bands I know and like, and some I didn’t know and enjoyed. Half-Cocked’s track, “Sober”, reminded me of a rockin’ and dirtied up Veruca Salt, which I really enjoyed. Flybanger’s “Blind World” was another nice surprise that made me pull the disc out of the car player to see who it was.

I’ve spent a lot of money on a lot less. 15 pretty good tracks from some pretty good bands. I’m sure it won’t win album of the year, or soundtrack of the year, but I might give it soundtrack of the month. If you like soundtracks and don’t mind that this CD is an obvious marketing ploy to tie a bunch of heavy music into a movie and cross over sales for each, pick it up. Plus, it gave me an excuse to run around the house in a vampire cape and jump off the furniture pretending to fly while it was in the stereo (ok, not really).

And for those who don’t always read the fine print, be sure to pick up the explicit version and not the censored one. If you’re old enough to suck blood, you’re old enough to hear some four letter words, dang it.

01. Powerman 5000 – Ultra Mega
02. Disturbed – Welcome Burden
03. Slayer – Bloodline
04. System Of A Down – The Metro
05. Monster Magnet – Heads Explode
06. Godhead – Break You Down (featuring Marilyn Manson)
07. Linkin Park – One Step Closer
08. Pantera – Avoid The Light
09. Static-X – Ostego Undead
10. (hed)pe – Swan Dive
11. Taproot – Day By Day
12. Endo – Malice
13. Flybanger – Blind World
14. Half Cocked – Sober
15. Saliva – Your Disease

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