Dog Fashion Disco – Committed to a Bright Future

I’ll tell you up front — I was NOT looking forward to listening to this album. For some reason, I had these guys lumped together with all those nu-metal bands. Dog Fashion Disco may not be for everybody, but they’re unique enough to at least check out.

Committed to a Bright Future, Dog Fashion Disco’s second offering, grabs the spirit of Mr. Bungle and takes it to new, heavier heights. Parallels between Dog Fashion Disco and System of a Down are apparent as well. All three bands have their own unique approach. to mixing rock, jazz, funk, and metal; DFD falls somewhere between the other two in the “radio friendly” chart. Their songs are more cohesive than anything from Mr. Bungle, but aren’t straight forward rock tunes like SoaD.

One thing you can’t say about ‘Committed to a Bright Future’ is that it’s boring. From the thrashy assault of “Dr Piranha” to the heavy riffs on “Love Song For A Witch”, the band will keep you guessing not only from song to song, but within each song as well. Like Visions of Disorder’s debut disc, this album feels longer than it is due to the numerous structural changes within the songs.

A few of the songs, like “Fetus on the Beat”, pour the keyboards on a little too think for my liking. Keyboards are present in all of the songs from time to time, but they rarely overpower the heavier-than-I-expected guitars.

Committed to a Bright Future is three hours worth of ideas crammed into one hour’s space. It’s all a little hard to take in the first time through, but repeated listenings let the band’s talent shine through. Fans of the Bungle will be glad to hear someone else is carrying on the torch.

01. Love Song For A Witch
02. Rapist Eyes
03. Dr. Piranha
04. Fetus On The Beat
05. Worm In A Dog’s Heart
06. Plastic Surgeons
07. Pogo The Clown
08. Castaway
09. Nude In The Wilderness
10. The Acid Memoirs
11. Déjà Vu
12. Magical Band of Fools
13. Scores For Porn
14. Chin White

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