Devil’s Whorehouse – Revelation Unorthodox

As a fan of the Misfits, I really got a kick out of Devils Whorehouse’s album, Revelation Unorthodox. According to the band’s website, B. War and Morgan (both of Marduk) teamed up with two unknown local musicians to form a Misfits/Samhain cover band. Apparently, the guys had so much fun, they recorded 13 (of course!) new songs in classic Misfits style, and Revelation Unorthodox was born.

Everything from the vocals to the song structure to the sound quality itself sounds like 80’s-era Misfits. In fact, it’s done so well that I would guess even Misfits fans could be fooled into thinking this is an unreleased album by the band — especially judging by the vocals, which song so much like Glenn Danzig it’s scary. With campy lyrics like “When the Raven flies, someone dies” (on “The Raven) or “love hurts” (in the chorus of “Bondage Goddess”), these guys both get the joke and are in on it.

I’m at a loss for what else to say. By now, you should know if you like the Misfits or not. If you do, you’ll love Revelation Unorthodox. Tracks like “Pentagram Murderer,” “Howling”, and “Erotikill” could be easily snuck onto any Misfits’ compilation without drawing attention to themselves — hell, “Blood Nymphoman” even contains Glenn’s patented “whoaaaaaaaaaa!” yelp.

Old Misfits fans will find Revelation Unorthodox completely fun and enjoyable.

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