Burger Queen (iPhone/iPod)

Although I spent several years as a teenager making pizzas, cooking fish, and frying chicken, I never spent any time in a hamburger joint (working, that is — I spent plenty of time in them eating!). Burger Queen puts you in the action behind the counter of a busy burger joint, and it’s your job to keep the hoards of customers happy by delivering burgers, fries, drinks and desserts to them in a timely manner.

In early levels of the game, things move slowly enough that each item — burgers, french fries, and sodas — can be assembled as customers approach the counter. Burgers are assembled by picking the correct ingredients (bottom bun, meat, top bun), Sodas take a few seconds to fill, and fries take the longest to prepare as they must be dropped in grease to fry and then pulled out before they burn. Players have a serving tray that holds up to 10 individual items, which gives you the ability to stockpile a few items to help make it through the afternoon rush.

Later levels add more burger options like lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and chicken patties. Before long, additional drink choices (and ultimately desserts) show up. Your score depends on all sorts of variables, from what order you assemble the burgers to whom is served first and how long each customer has to wait. By the time you reach the higher levels, things get so fast and stressful that it’s like … well, it’s like working in a real fast food restaurant.

Burger Queen has a short ramping up period before it quickly turns into a virtual button mashing frenzy. Both I and my son had a good time playing this game. At $0.99 you can’t go wrong — very fun, and very addictive.

Refill, please!

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