Britney Fox – Springhead Motorshark

Old rockers never die, they just … change their image, sound, and lineup, and keep on rockin’. Such is the story with Britney Fox, the 80’s hair band who’s single “Girl School” won them some fans and got some MTV airtime. After 12 years of silence, Britney Fox has returned with Springhead Motorshark — sans original lead singer Dizzy Dean Davison.

Although Britney Fox has moved away from the classic 80’s metal sound that lumped them in with the likes of Cinderella and Warrant, they haven’t moved away from making decent music. The album kicks off with “Pain”, a middle of the road rocker that is great for a warm up, but unfortunately sets the pace for the rest of the album. Musically and lyrically, there’s nothing too deep here. The band rocks along with a little bark but not as much bite as I would have liked. There were several songs I enjoyed, but they all seemed to come from the same cookie cutter — a used one from the 80’s.

And like every old 80’s album, we get a couple of slower acoustic tracks thrown in. They’re not bad, but in a world where most love songs have “bitch” or “ho” in them, I don’t think tracks like Is It Real? will win the kids over.

After twelve years away from the recording biz, it feels like Britney Fox has lost touch with their fans. It’s a decent effort, but after 12 years of being away, Britney Fox should have cranked it into overdrive for this one. While everything on Springhead Motorshark is good, nothing on it is great.

01. Pain
02. Freaktown
03. T.L.U.C. (For You)
04. LA
05. Springhead Motorshark
06. Is It Real?
07. Coup D’etat
08. Far Enough
09. Lonely Ones
10. Memorial
11. Sri Lanka

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