Bloodhound Gang, The – One Fierce Beer Run

I don’t know why this didn’t click until after watching One Fierce Beer Run, but The Bloodhound Gang band is in essence the musical equivalent of Jackass (in turns out, in fact, that members of both camps are friends — no surprise there). Spanky G, an underage minor with heart problems and a growth defect that stunted his growth (he looks to be about twelve years old) serves as both the band’s drummer and whipping boy. You probably know a kid just like him; a scrawny, mouthy little guy who tries to run with the big dogs. But you probably never had your friends hold him down while you stuck your finger up his butthole, continually put your dick on his face, or handcuffed him, tied a pillowcase over his head, and deserted in a hotel hallway. Well, the Bloodhound Gang does all this and more, and now thanks to the wonder of digital video discs these acts and more will be preserved in all their glory for all eternity. Whee.

Fans of the band looking for live concert footage or video of the band simply enjoying the fruits of their multi-million dollar record deal will certainly walk away disappointed. Instead, the painfully-long 90 minute video largely consists of handheld footage shot on a dark tour bus. More often than not the video and audio quality is so poor that it is difficult to recognize faces or make out what is being said. This monotony is broken up with lots of shots of male genitals. I don’t understand why the self-acclaimed homophobes (the band relentlessly torments a crew member who admits to once having a homosexual experience) enjoy rubbing their dicks all over each other. Then again, one could most likely compile a long list of things I don’t understand about the band at this point. In addition to all the shitty bus footage, the disc also contains three or four videos, and quite possibly the most uninformative commentary track of all time from band member Evil Jared.

After sitting through One Fierce Beer Run, I’m not even sure what the point of this entire video was. I can’t imagine it winning them any new fans, and to be honest, it may have made this semi-fan a non-fan. I’m sure if I had the opportunity to meet the band in real life at this point I would pass (I’m not so much into other dudes’ balls, thanks). Throughout the video it’s obvious the band doesn’t even like themselves very much. They’ve had an unusually high turnover rate of members and after viewing this home video, it’s easy to see why.

This DVD should have been titled, “We’re Going To Be Assholes to Everybody We Meet During Our 15 Minutes of Fame” instead.

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