Beastie Boys – Solid Gold Hits

It’s been 20 years since the Beastie Boys released their seminal Licensed to Ill album, and on Solid Gold Hits the band celebrates the anniversary with a collection of 15 of their greatest hits spanning the past two decades.

Unlike many greatest hits packages that slip in a couple of unreleased or new tracks here, Solid Gold Hits covers no new ground. Long time fans of the band may find this a tough purchase with no new material included, however younger fans (or those somehow completely unfamiliar with the band) should find the disc quite enjoyable. There’s essentially no filler here, and with fifteen tracks included for $11.99, buying the CD is cheaper than downloading them from iTunes.

If you purchased last year’s 2 disc, 42 track anthology, you can skip this one — likewise, if you already own everything from Licensed to Ill on up, you can also pass. This is geared toward fans who “liked that Intergalactic song” or “remember those white rappers from the 80’s” and would like to hear more. It would make a great Christmas gift for a friend or relative who never got to ride in the back of a school bus singing Brass Monkey.

01. So What’cha Want
02. Brass Monkey
03. Ch-Check it Out
04. No Sleep Till Brooklyn
05. Hey Ladies
06. Pass the Mic
07. An Open Letter to NYC
08. Root Down
09. Shake Your Rump
10. Intergalactic
11. Sure Shot
12. Body Movin’
13. Triple Trouble
14. Sabotage
15. Fight for Your Right

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