Anthrax – No Hit Wonders

The latest Anthrax DVD, Anthrology: No Hit Wonders (1985-1991), contains thirteen of the band’s earliest music videos featuring original lead singer Joey Belladonna (except Antisocial). Some of the videos aren’t videos at all, but simply simply live performances. Of course after watching the entire DVD, you’re realize that pretty much all of Anthrax’s music videos were also live performances, so pretty much what you’re getting here is thirteen live performances from Anthrax.

The videos are presented chronologically, so astute fans can document Scott Ian’s hair loss throughout the years. Unfortunately, most of the band’s early hits (Among the Living, Caught in a Mosh and I Am the Law) didn’t have videos, so these videos for these songs all came from the same live concert, and all look very similar.

The selling point of this DVD is Anthrax’s video commentary track, consisting of all five original members. The bonus feature shows the videos in one window with the band members in two smaller windows. If you want to play a drinking game, take a drink every time Dan Spitz mentions clocks (he’s a MASTER clock maker these days, ya know). The video track actually has some pretty funny comments about several of the videos and is definitely worth watching.

While not life changing, Anthrax’s Anthrology is not a bad addition to any serious fan’s collection.

01. Metal Thrashing Mad (Live)
02. Madhouse
03. Indians (Live)
04. Armed and Dangerous (Live)
05. Among The Living (Live)
06. Caught In A Mosh (Live)
07. I Am The Law (Live) 08. Im The Man
09. Who Cares Wins
10. Belly Of The Beast
11. Got The Time
12. In My World
13. Bring The Noize

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